Sarah Jane Docker |
Freelance Children's Media Illustrator

Born into an industrial coastal town in Cumbria, early 1996, Sarah began illustrating from the moment she could hold a pencil.

After years of studying art, design and illustration, Sarah progressed into specialising in children's media. Her work has been described as "eccentric, excitable and whimsical" with "a lot of heart, and a gift for expressing feeling".

Much of Sarah's work is inspired by the idea of seeing life through new eyes each day, drawing on childhood nostalgia, dreams, famous fiction, travel journals and outlandish characters. Her positive mindset and passion for evoking happiness in others shows in her work through subject and colour.

Now living in Preston, UK, Sarah is a full-time freelance illustrator who is always on the hunt for new and exciting projects.



Latest Testimonials

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan. How I painted Space Explorer.
Pale Blue Dot - Process Video
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