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Sarah is an award winning freelance illustrator from a small coastal town in the UK.

After graduating from UCLAn, she began working in-house as a children's book illustrator and soft toy designer while also taking on freelance projects. After a year in house, she took the leap into full time into freelance illustration work, specialising in children’s books and media.


Clients include Glossybox (The Hut Group), Bryan House Publishing, Sterling Forever, and international authors. She has also dedicated time to creating bespoke artwork for private clients.

Much of Sarah's work is inspired by nature, the idea of seeing life through new eyes each day, and memories and jokes from childhood. Her work has been described as “Eccentric, excitable and whimsical” with “A lot of heart and a gift for expressing feeling”.




Beginning with loose sketches exploring ideas and concepts, Sarah expresses her client's vision by working closely with the client, refining work according to feedback, combing over the brief and creating within the budget. She enjoys working colourfully and expressively in both digital and traditional media, using custom brushes and organic textures created from items collected in nature.

When not drawing, she can be found wild swimming, hiking and getting stuck in to the strangest of side-projects.

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